Paul Ryan’s “Anti-Poverty” Program and What America Needs in this Vein

Paul Ryan hopes to make federal welfare more efficient by consolidating federal agencies, sending more federal welfare money to state governments as grants, and more. If Ryan’s plan reduces welfare dependency and gives taxpayers better results for their dollars, it might represent a marginal improvement over current policy. But it is still riddled with political and moral problems. More »

Kristen Bell’s Spoonful of Coercion

Actor Kristen Bell recently portrayed a left-wing activist version of Mary Poppins in a Funny or Die video calling for a higher federal minimum wage. But a minimum wage violates the rights of employers to operate their businesses as they see fit, including their rights to offer terms of employment that they judge best for their businesses. More »

Lumni: Rights-Respecting, Profit-Driven Financing for College Students

The U.S. government’s “pay as you earn” program for financing college students’ education is immoral, as it forces taxpayers to subsidize student loans and to assume the financial risks of doing so. Fortunately, Lumni, a pioneering private college finance company, offers an inspiring example of how students can acquire college financing by strictly voluntary means. More »

Amazon Admirably Mocks Unjust French Law

The French government has passed an “anti-Amazon” amendment. As France24 reports, the measure forbids “online giants such as Amazon, and others including French retailer FNAC, from delivering books free of charge.” The obvious intent of the measure is to cut down Amazon in order to prop up other stores. More »