Fall Issue of The Objective Standard

The print edition of the Fall issue of The Objective Standard is at press and will be mailed shortly; and the online (html), ebook, and Kindle editions have been published. The issue features a debate between Craig Biddle and Max Borders on “Moral Diversity: Asset or Liability for Liberty?,” and much more. Enjoy the issue, and be sure to let your friends know about the journal for people of reason. More »

The Jihad against Robin Williams Speaks Volumes

After the shocking news of Robin Williams’s apparent suicide hit the media, people throughout America and the world mourned his passing and celebrated his life and work. But not everyone did so. Consistent Muslims took the opportunity to spew Islamic venom at Williams and wish him eternal torture in flames. More »

New Technologies, Same Old Fallacies

True, new technologies make some jobs obsolete. But new technologies also make possible new careers. Moreover, because producers who employ new technologies manufacture more and better products at lower costs, their customers have money left to spend in expanded or entirely new industries. More »

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