Paul Ryan’s Altruism Leads to His Statist Measures

Why does Paul Ryan simultaneously advocate the individual’s right to think for himself, decide for himself, and define happiness for himself—and advocate a massive and growing entitlement state that abrogates those rights by forcibly redistributing an individual’s wealth? The answer is that Ryan advocates the morality of altruism, the notion that the individual must sacrifice […]

A 5-Point Strategy for Winning Back the Land of Liberty

Here is how freedom-loving Americans can win back America: Support Romney-Ryan, the only viable less-statist-than-Obama ticket in the 2012 presidential election. Tell Obama as the door hits him on the way out, “We didn’t fire you. Somebody else made that happen.” Tell Romney as he enters the White House, “Look what happened to Obama. If […]

Cronyism for the Children?

A brilliant new video from the Charles Koch Institute shows with heartbreaking clarity how government controls of the economy discourage productiveness and encourage cronyism. The video begins, “Our children used to have big dreams.” Various children say things like, “When I grow up, I want to be a doctor!” and “I want to build the […]

Help TOS Reach More Minds with Ayn Rand's Ideas

With Mitt Romney’s selection of Paul Ryan as his vice-presidential running mate, Americans are more curious than ever about Ayn Rand’s ideas and what they mean in practice. This is a golden opportunity to accelerate the spread of Rand’s ideas, and TOS is a vital means to that end. While many pundits and media outlets […]

Indian Patients Wait Weeks for Treatment—Can You Guess Why?

The pattern is the same everywhere government takes control of medicine: Patients rush to receive “free” (or highly subsidized) care with little regard for need or cost, while government controls drive many of the best doctors from the field, leading to reduced quality, waiting lines, or outright rationing. Consequently, those with the most urgent need […]

Phonak Brings Mozart to Once-Deaf Man

Those who denigrate and demonize profit-seeking businesses should pause to reflect on the fact that production and profit-seeking are requirements of human survival and happiness. In so doing, they might observe some of the countless ways in which businesses improve, extend, and protect our lives. The results are all around us—indeed, the fruits of capitalism […]

Help Joshua Lipana Fight Cancer—Update 2

(If you are new to Joshua’s situation, please see my earlier announcements here and here.) I’m delighted to report that Joshua’s prognosis continues to improve. According to his doctors, chemotherapy is working, Joshua’s bone marrow is now cancer-free, and the tumor in his left lung has been reduced to a fraction of its original size. […]

Life Lessons of Poker

I approach recreational poker as entertainment, not gambling. I enjoy playing, even though I’m a novice and often lose. As a game, poker offers some meaningful lessons. 1. Act on reason, not emotions. Praying, hoping really hard, or performing some superstitious ritual will not change the sequence of cards. The cards are what they are, […]

Atheism Rises in U.S.—But What About Reason?

According to a recent WIN-Gallup International poll, the number of Americans saying they are “religious” has declined since 2005 from 73 percent of the population to 60 percent. In that same period, the number of “convinced atheists” has risen from 1 to 5 percent of the population. In the 39 countries polled, the number of […]