HuffPo’s Sanghoee Uses Tragedy of Sandy to Smear Ayn Rand

Another day, another dishonest hit piece on Ayn Rand. This time, though, Sanjay Sanghoee’s smear, penned for Huffington Post, despicably uses the tragedies surrounding the deadly Hurricane Sandy to misrepresent Rand’s views in order to smear her. Sanghoee begins his “argument” with the fantasy that Glenn Beck is somehow a spokesperson for Rand, despite the […]

Does a Big Storm Require Big Government?

Leave it to the New York Times and the paper’s leftist allies to politicize the deadly storm ravaging the east coast in order to pursue a partisan agenda of promoting the campaign of Barack Obama. In an editorial yesterday, the Times blasted Mitt Romney for daring to suggest that some activities of the Federal Emergency […]

The Left’s False Alternative on Health Care

Since the passage of Obama’s Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, opponents have vowed to “repeal and replace ObamaCare.” But the far Left, which has never been happy with ObamaCare, has its own plan for what to replace it with: “Medicare-for-all” (which predates Obama’s election). The latest incarnation of “Medicare-for-all” was introduced in 2009. Though […]

The GOP’s Religious Albatross

Once again, a Republican congressional candidate has thrown the party back on its heels with a cruel comment concerning rape. In answer to a debate question on when abortion should be legal, Indiana GOP senate candidate Richard Mourdock said: I struggled with it myself for a long time, but I came to realize that life […]

Ayn Rand vs. Obama: Whose Ideas are Right for Teens (and Adults)?

In his recent interview with Rolling Stone magazine, President Obama, following the lead of other leftists, implies that Ayn Rand’s ideas are not for mature, intelligent adults, but rather for immature, ignorant teenagers—“17 or 18 and feeling misunderstood,” as he puts it. Much could be said of Obama’s comments on Rand and teenagers (Ari Armstrong […]

Video Short Shows Dismal Reality of Life Without Capitalism

The Fund for American Studies (TFAS) is asking those who think life would be better without capitalism to think again. Their newly released short, “It’s A Wonderful Life! (with Capitalism),” features an anti-capitalist protester who, after excitedly uttering the words “Life would be so great without capitalism,” is knocked unconscious by an overzealous, sign-wielding companion […]

Eric Michael Johnson Reveals Misconception of Objectivity

On Friday, I posted on TOS Blog explaining why evolutionary anthropologist Eric Michael Johnson failed, in a recent Slate article, to disprove Ayn Rand’s ethics. I also showed that his article betrayed a gross misunderstanding of Rand’s philosophy. Shortly thereafter, Mr. Johnson responded on Twitter: How shocking. A magazine dedicated to promoting Ayn Rand’s ideas […]