IRS Violates Americans’ Rights Every Day

News that the Internal Revenue Service targeted Tea Party and conservative groups for extra scrutiny rightly has blown into a major scandal.

But the scandal points to a deeper question: Why are most Americans not outraged by the IRS’s daily violations of individual rights?

Consider the main abuses. The IRS serves as the collection agency for the government’s programs of unjust wealth confiscation: The agency forcibly collects some $2.7 trillion per year in taxes, transferring vast amounts of wealth from productive Americans to the unproductive. This clearly violates people’s rights to keep and use their wealth and property as they judge best.

Part and parcel of this coercion are the IRS’s demands that Americans turn over reams of personal information, ranging from details about their employment to their business expenses to their mortgage payments. And now, the IRS will enforce key provisions of ObamaCare, giving the agency access to details about our personal health as well.

Of course Americans should be outraged that the IRS has harassed select groups for ideological reasons. Americans should also be outraged by the IRS’s violations of virtually all Americans’ rights on a daily basis.

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Image: Wikimedia Commons

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  • Richard Ruggiero

    the ability of individuals to safely accumulate capital without fear of
    it being seized by government, our standard of living is declining and
    economic growth has stopped.

  • Anonymous

    Aside from the IRS’s harassing people over their ideology, now, not to mention for exercising free speech, it harasses people for personal, employment, business & other data in order to tell the right way, & right amount, to tax people, in fairness to everybody. Nobody objects to this fairness. They won’t until they do a lot of learning about other things, briefly, what law & gvt. IS, and its relationship to individuals. And they must change their values, too, before it’ll make any difference to them. Then, maybe they’ll start stirring up a fuss about all these things

  • Anonymous

    The biggest public scandal in the latest reporting on targeting tea party groups is the impression left that this is an isolated case and that it just came to light. The current scandal alone is years old and was reported and ignored long before this. The IRS and its state equivalents have been bullying and intimidating individuals and businesses who pay their taxes and follow the law for decades, starting at least by the 1930s.

    Law abiding citizens have been pushed around by bureaucrats on personal and political vendettas because the laws give tax agencies so much arbitrary power under non-objective law, leaving the victims the impossible task of proving their innocence to tyrants who have made up their minds in advance. Give a bureaucrat power and he will use it. This isn’t a “scandal”, it’s inherent in the statist system and is inevitable. The scandal of enormous scope was giving them the power to do this. This kind of government abuse is far deeper and more profound than any particular tax that one can know in advance. See for example