Burgess Laughlin: A Man who Made Progress

I just received the sad news that Burgess Laughlin has died. I had the pleasure of speaking with Burgess several times and working with him on a couple of reviews he wrote for The Objective Standard. He was a good, thoughtful, benevolent man, who took ideas seriously, practiced the principles he recognized as true, and lived […]

Paul Krugman: Master of the Straw-Man Fallacy

Krugman looks to problems that can arise in a free market and largely ignores the solutions to such problems made possible by free markets—not to mention all of the life-serving goods and services provided by private businesses when they are free to produce and trade in accordance with their judgment. More »

Why Use the Word “Selfishness”?

In this episode of Reason at Large, Craig Biddle answers a question from Robert: “Why do you and other Objectivists advocate selfishness when that word disturbs so many people? Why not just use the word self-interest or, better yet, rational self-interest?” More »

Altruism vs. Second-handedness

“What are the relationships of and differences between altruism and second-handedness?” In answering this question, Craig Biddle clarifies the respective meaning of each concept, identifying one as a theory of morality and the other as a psychological malady, discussing their essential differences and similarities, and contrasting these concepts and relationships with those of egoism and first-handedness or independent thinking. More »

Fall Issue of The Objective Standard

The print edition of the Fall issue of The Objective Standard is at press and will be mailed shortly; and the online (html), ebook, and Kindle editions have been published. The issue features a debate between Craig Biddle and Max Borders on “Moral Diversity: Asset or Liability for Liberty?,” and much more. Enjoy the issue, and be sure to let your friends know about the journal for people of reason. More »

The Jihad against Robin Williams Speaks Volumes

After the shocking news of Robin Williams’s apparent suicide hit the media, people throughout America and the world mourned his passing and celebrated his life and work. But not everyone did so. Consistent Muslims took the opportunity to spew Islamic venom at Williams and wish him eternal torture in flames. More »