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Independent Reasoning, Not Prayer or Groupthink, Guides Fight Against Ravages of MS

A new class of drugs shows promising signs of reversing the damage of the frightful disease multiple sclerosis (MS), reports Michael Booth for the Denver Post. New drugs including Gilenya and Tysabri are proving increasingly effective in treating the disease.

The web page for Tysabri describes the basics of how MS functions and how the drug may help counteract it:

MS is an autoimmune disease that affects the central nervous system. . . . In patients with MS, white blood cells, an important part of the immune system, move from the blood circulation into the central nervous system, which includes the brain and spinal chord. . . . Once in the brain, these white blood cells can attack nerve cells, stripping away the layer of insulation known as the Myelin Sheath. . . . Although Tysabri’s exact method of action is not fully understood, one of the ways that it may work against MS is by . . . [preventing] white blood cells from crossing the blood-brain barrier. Tysabri may also have additional effects within the brain and central nervous system, helping to block other processes that increase inflammation and lead to nerve damage.

It is worth noting that, contrary to the views of religionists and socialists, researchers make such progress in fighting disease, not by praying to a “deity” or channeling the “collective consciousness,” but by using their independent reasoning minds to investigate the facts of reality. It is also worth noting that their doing so makes them moral heroes.

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  • Mike Kevitt

    Religionists & socialists will pray & channel, but then, don’t they wake up & think, & reason thru their problems?  That’s what I’ve always seen of them, except for one thing. 

    They think & reason in terms of the alleged dictates of their deity or collective consciousness, then they credit the same with the results of their thinking & reasoning & of their subsequent action.  By this fractured metaphysics & epistemology, their thinking & reason must logically lead to altruism, & denial of rights in human relations, thus, crime under cover of the guise of law & gvt., NOT to any sort of law & gvt. 

    It’s the only way to pay for the problems of mistaken basic philosophy without correcting that mistaken philosophy.  Thus, history as it has been, so far, so, here we are, so far. 

    Let’s push the correction thru education.    But, action, a program of establishment & re-establishment, & enforcement of law & gvt., & a de-infesting the same of crime under cover of the guise of law & gvt., must be taken when the times come to seize the moment.