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Philippines: Destroy the Moro Islamic Liberation Front

AirmenThe Philippine government has announced that peace talks with the Islamist separatist group, the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), is nearing a stalemate, as the MILF is demanding its own autonomous Islamic state within the Philippines.

The problem here is not the stalemate, but the negotiations.

The MILF is a violent Islamist insurgency that has committed atrocity after atrocity against the Filipino people. In 2007—during peace talks—the MILF murdered fourteen marines, beheading ten of them. In 2011—again during peace talks—the MILF ambushed a platoon of Filipino soldiers, murdering nineteen, six of whom were executed in captivity.

And that’s just a drop in the bloodbath. The MILF has murdered (i.e. is morally responsible for the deaths of) 150,000 Filipinos—and counting.

For the Philippine government to negotiate with these monsters is an outrage. The rights of innocent Filipinos to live their lives is non-negotiable.

What should the government do? It should cease all negotiations with the MILF and unwaveringly and unabashedly pursue its swift destruction.

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Image: Wikimedia Commons

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  • Djay Filip

    The author is obviously ignorant of the MILF or the Bangsa Moro aspirations or the situation obtaining in Mindanao and in the Philippines. He is probably mal-educated and probably did not even finish college, at least not from reputable institutions. If it is easy to destroy the MILF, then the Philippine government would have done so ages ago.

    Even the US and Europe are trying to bring peace to Mindanao by mediating between the Philippine government and the MILF. And this juvenile delinquent even dares to write such an article in the cyberspace.

  • Anonymous

    The biggest problem is and remains the support of usual leftish people. In the Netherlands there is the SP(socialist party) who is screaming murder and hell about those so poor muslims in Mindanao. They are very upset about a muslims as being suppressed etc but they keep their mouth shut about what muslims did in the Phillipines. In the Netherlands lives also Joma Sison with support ofcourse by the leftish partys who realy like to kill any form of pluralism, no it should be muslims or communist killing the Filippines.

  • Sandiego

    wake up, china is coming to conquer philippines. china is the real enemy.