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Extraordinary Courage, Bionic Eyes, and Remarkable Manufacturing: Good News Abounds

CessnaA few items from the benevolent news front:

  • Helen Collins, an “80-year-old woman with no flying experience,” safely landed a plane as it was running out of gas after the pilot died. An airport official said, “She was remarkable on the radio… She kept her composure and sounded like she had been a pilot for years.” Hats off to Helen for having the self-esteem and presence of mind to save her life.
  • A British man, “who had been totally blind for more than 20 years,” now has rudimentary vision thanks to the men of the mind who created and implanted his bionic eye.
  • Emerald Touch Inc., has created an “external spine” for the U.S. Military that enables soldiers to carry heavy equipment more easily. Imagine the potential applications for civilian life and industry.
  • A penny has sold for $1.15 million. Hyperinflation? No. Rational elation. In addition to its rareness (“After 200 years, we can only account for 14 of these”), the front of the coin reads, “Liberty Parent of Science & Industry.”
  • Here’s an article on beautiful efficiency in manufacturing, showing how Herman Miller’s employees and technology create an Aeron chair every 17 seconds. And here’s a video about the process:

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Image: Wikipedia Commons

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  • Alexander Lee

    Thanks for all of those news stories!  I was actually surprised to see that the US still has the highest manufacturing production in the world.

  • Anonymous

    My pleasure!

  • Anonymous

    Great story.  I used one of these chairs at work for 8 years before I retired and I loved it.  

  • Richard Bramwell

    I love it . . . yet there is so much room for improvement in efficiency , comfort & even cost.
    For one, single, materials example:  many of the materials used are from the petroleum industry.  Their cost is completely beyond actual value, because of government intervention.For another, single design example: the back of the chair is often fastened to a flat bar.  The back is often too weak to withstand sustained use (despite heavily demonstrated ‘use’ of the seat itself.)R