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Nonlinear Ideas: Apps for a Linear Life

I needed to track my time for various projects, and I needed to track my to-do items. I found my solution in two apps for my iPod Touch available from Nonlinear Ideas Inc., whose motto is, “Software should be simple.”

For tracking my time, I use Time Tracker Pro. The app makes it easy to log the time I spend on various projects, organized by “Project,” “Task,” and “Info.” To start the timer for a project, I just hit “Start” or hit a button for a previously defined project. I can then easily review this information and export reports.

For tracking my to-do list, I use Six Things. You can schedule recurring items or enter a new, one-time item. The app saves a record of all your completed projects and generates reports. Overall this works great for me; I wish only that it were easier to keep urgent items at the top of the list.

When I stop to think about it, I am struck by how much of my planning and scheduling is now tied to these two apps, and how much easier it is to manage my time with them.

It’s wonderful that companies such as Nonlinear Ideas recognize the value of time—and make it so easy for us to make the most of ours. Thank you, Nonlinear Ideas!

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Image: Nonlinear Ideas Inc.

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  • Adam Wildavsky

    Do you bill by the hour? I would not survive without an app that lets me prioritize my things to do, but I never worry how long I spend on each one.

    I use Pivotal Tracker, a web site with iOS and Android apps available. It’s intended for use by teams, but I find it also works well for an individual. I’ll give Six Things a try and compare.

  • e_cell mobile

    I totally agree that apps need not to be so complicated; the simpler they are, the more we get to use them on a regular basis.

    And with regard to this app, I find it very useful, especially now that I have a lot of tasks in my docket. Sometimes, we get so busy that we lose track of our itinerary. This app simply gets everything in order.