Lumni: Rights-Respecting, Profit-Driven Financing for College Students

The U.S. government’s “pay as you earn” program for financing college students’ education is immoral, as it forces taxpayers to subsidize student loans and to assume the financial risks of doing so. Fortunately, Lumni, a pioneering private college finance company, offers an inspiring example of how students can acquire college financing by strictly voluntary means. More »

Amazon Admirably Mocks Unjust French Law

The French government has passed an “anti-Amazon” amendment. As France24 reports, the measure forbids “online giants such as Amazon, and others including French retailer FNAC, from delivering books free of charge.” The obvious intent of the measure is to cut down Amazon in order to prop up other stores. More »

ObamaCare, Nonobjective Law, and Brothers’ Keepers

That ObamaCare pervasively violates the rights of individuals to control their own wealth and to freely negotiate terms of health insurance and health care on a free market is bad enough; that ObamaCare does so via ambiguous, nonobjective statutes is even worse. ObamaCare substantially empowers the executive branch and hordes of bureaucrats to create whatever health policies they wish. More »

Now Multiple IRS Hard Drives Crashed—Coincidence?

As the Daily Caller reports, it turns out that the hard drives of various other IRS officials who communicated with Lois Lerner also crashed. Reassuringly, though, according to IRS Deputy Associate Chief Counsel Thomas Kane, the total number of related crashes is still “less than 20”! As Remy asks, “What are the Chances?” More »