Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby Decision: Good Outcome, Mixed Reasoning

The Supreme Court delivered an important but substantially mitigated victory to advocates of individual rights by throwing out the ObamaCare requirement that business owners pay for health insurance when doing so violates their religious convictions. At issue was whether the federal government could force businesses to provide health insurance that covers forms of birth control. More »

Ban the FDA, Not Wood-Aged Cheese

Many methods of food production or preparation involve some risks to consumers . . . but it is properly up to consumers to evaluate those risks and make their shopping decisions accordingly. If people wish to consume raw fish or raw milk or hamburgers grilled rare or cheese aged on wooden boards, they have a moral right to do so . . . More »

Lifelike Androids are Improving People’s Lives Today

Although androids often get a bad rap in science-fiction movies and video games, real-life androids are already improving people’s lives—and making “careers” of it. Tokyo’s National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation has actually “hired” two lifelike androids: Kodomoroid will read the latest news from the Internet, and Otonaroid will converse with visitors about science and technology. More »

Coal Fuels China’s Economic Growth, Enables Americans’ Enjoyment Thereof

Coal is fueling the giant producer of Asia and enabling many of China’s 1.3 billion people to overcome crushing poverty. Goods marked “made in China” might as well be marked, “Made possible by coal.” Americans who use and enjoy products made in China—that is, all Americans—should celebrate this life-serving fossil fuel, as it makes such goods possible. More »

Auberon Herbert: Advocate of Reason, Individual Rights, and Limited Government

Auberon Herbert (1838–1906) was a 19th-century British political philosopher and a member of Parliament, who recognized that each individual has inalienable rights to direct his own mind and body, and to keep and use the product of his own effort. In defense of these rights, Herbert advocated a strictly limited, voluntarily funded, rights-protecting government. More »

Restrain Bureaucratic Thugs, Not Agricultural Drones

A ban on drones is a patent violation of Americans’ rights to liberty and property. Farmers have a moral right to employ the latest technologies. . . . There’s no reason to suspect that flying drones at low altitudes over uninhabited, private crop lands would subject anyone to any substantial risk, much less that doing so would violate anyone’s rights. More »

Altruism: The Fuel of Jihad

In “Terrorism, Altruism, and Moral Certainty,” the Afterward to my book Loving Life, I explain that “Islamic terrorists are religious altruists: They selflessly commit human sacrifices for the sake of a supernatural ‘other’—an alleged God.” A Muslim professor at the Islamic University in Gaza recently acknowledged this too. More »