“Ministries of Truth”: An Ominous Possibility in America

A commission established to investigate “false” campaign statements—as evaluated by a group’s political enemies and by politicians and bureaucrats—is inherently biased, and its very existence violates people’s rights to free speech. With virtually every campaign message, one side claims it is the truth whereas the other side claims it is not. More »

Is ObamaRetire Next?

Prior to the passage of ObamaCare, leftists selected Colorado, a bellwether state (among other places), to begin promoting their health “reforms” nationally, and many of their proposals eventually became part of ObamaCare. Apparently the left is now trying the same strategy to place retirement accounts substantially under government control. More »

Nureyev Danced Free of Communism and Lived

Nureyev’s defection inspired other famous Russian dancers, including Natalia Makarova and Mikhail Baryshnikov, also to defect to the West, where they could flourish in their lives and careers. For example, now free, they could dance to the music of Prokofiev and the choreography of Balanchine, both of which were illegal in the Soviet Union. More »

Homosexuality, the Bible, and Rational Morality

The fact that the Bible advocates the murder of homosexuals (as well as the murder of “witches,” of those who worship other gods, and of blasphemers—among others) indicates that the Bible, far from being a guidebook for morality, is largely an absurd book of mindless and evil prohibitions and commandments rooted in nothing more than ancient superstitions. More »

Check Your Statist Privilege

Although it is senseless to campaign against so-called “white privilege,” one sort of pervasive privilege is real, it is evil, and it should be not only checked but ultimately abolished. It is the privilege government grants to some people to violate the rights of others. Call it “statist privilege.” More »