Summer 2006      Vol. 1, No. 2

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Religion vs. Free Speech
(accessible for free)

Demonstrates that the tenets of religion are incompatible with the right to free speech, and shows why those who want to establish and maintain freedom of speech must repudiate religion and embrace the rational, secular foundation for rights.

William Tecumseh Sherman and the Moral Impetus for Victory

Presents the essential history of Sherman's march, showing how Sherman developed and implemented his ideas that lead to the North's victory in the Civil War, and drawing the moral lessons we can learn from this great man about how to properly approach and quickly defeat enemies of freedom.

Teaching Values in the Classroom

Demonstrates the irrational, destructive nature of the three prominent schools of thought in moral education; identifies the fundamental philosophical errors underlying these schools; and presents a rational, life-serving alternative: the proper way to teach values in the classroom.

The 19th-Century Atomic War

Demonstrates the power of philosophy in the field of physics by presenting the 19th-century experimental evidence in support of the atomic theory, and by showing how 19th-century physicists—in the grips of post-Kantian philosophy—belligerently dismissed the evidence and steadfastly denied the existence of atoms.

Getting More Enjoyment from Art You Love

Examines two equestrian sculptures—George Washington, by Henry Kirke Brown, and the Cid, by Anna Hyatt Huntington—and demonstrates a method by which to approach such works in order to reap the most enjoyment from them.