Winter 2012Vol. 7, No. 4

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The New Abolitionism: Why Education Emancipation is the Moral Imperative of Our Time

Tackles the problem that is the so-called public schools, showing that they are fundamentally corrupt and unfixable, and must be abolished.

Interviews with Innovators in Private Education

Interviews with five rising innovators in the field of private education, discussing their organizations, missions, philosophies, and offerings.

Great Islamic Thinkers Versus Islam

Examines the Golden Age of Islam and considers the ideas of some of its leading thinkers, telling “a story of great achievements—and their rejection; of great heroes—and their defeat; of great minds—and their suppression; ultimately, of great danger—and its cancerous growth.”

Sam Harris’s Failure to Formulate a Scientific Morality

Examines Harris’s claims to have grounded his brand of utilitarianism in reality, and finds them wanting.

Independent Thinking, Morality, and Liberty

Examines the crucial need for advocates of liberty to uphold the same cognitive standard in considering moral matters as they do in considering political matters.

Apple’s App Revolution: Capitalism in Action

Surveys Apple’s staggering creation of great products, new markets, and massive wealth—for itself, its customers, and its competitors.

Book Reviews

The One World Schoolhouse: Education Reimagined, by Salman Khan

Let Them In: The Case for Open Borders, by Jason L. Riley

The Dictator’s Learning Curve: Inside the Global Battle for Democracy, by William J. Dobson

From TOS Blog

When Politics Corrupts Money

Why Forcibly Limiting Campaign Spending is Censorship—And Why it Matters

The Egalitarian Assaulton on Free Speech

Rand’s Ethics Withstand Objections from Evolutionary Anthropologists

Eric Michael Johnson Reveals Misconception of Objectivity

Obama, Unsurprisingly, Gets Ayn Rand Wrong

Ayn Rand vs. Obama: Whose Ideas are Right for Teens (and Adults)?

The Left’s False Alternative on Health Care

Does a Big Storm Require Big Government?

The Moral Integrity of Condemning Social Security While Collecting It

Rooting Out the Motive of “Plant Rights” Advocates

The Crucial distinction Between Subsidies and Tax Cuts

Does Reason Support a Carbon Tax?

The Moral Cliff



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