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The Objective Standard’s speakers are available for lectures, seminars, and multi-day courses on a wide variety of subjects from an Objectivist perspective (Objectivism being Ayn Rand’s philosophy of reason, egoism, and laissez-faire capitalism). Whether for college or university students, business groups, community groups, tea-party events, or political conferences, our speakers deliver inspiring, thought-provoking presentations that are sure to make your event enlightening and memorable. Our speakers’ bios and specialties are listed below. For more information or to book a speaker, email

Bios & Specialties

Craig Biddle

Craig Biddle is editor of The Objective Standard and author of Loving Life: The Morality of Self-Interest and the Facts that Support It. He is currently writing a book on the principles of rational thinking and the fallacies that are violations of those principles. Mr. Biddle has lectured and taught seminars to community and business groups across America and has spoken on college and university campuses including Duke University, Saint John’s College, New York University, and University of Virginia.

Mr. Biddle’s specialties are: Objectivism, principled thinking, ethics, individual rights, and the morality of capitalism.

Eric Daniels

Eric Daniels (PhD, University of Wisconsin) is a research assistant professor at Clemson University's Institute for the Study of Capitalism. His publications include the U.S. Economic Freedom Index (coauthored), a chapter in The Abolition of Antitrust, and five entries in The Oxford Companion to United States History. Daniels’s op-eds have been published in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and the San Diego Business Journal; he has appeared on C-SPAN and Voice of America (radio); and he has lectured on American intellectual, business, legal, and political history at colleges, universities, and community groups around the country.

Dr. Daniels’s specialties are: the morality of capitalism, antitrust, property rights, American history, and legal history.

Raymond C. Niles

Raymond Niles holds an MBA (with distinction) from New York University’s Stern School of Business, and is the manager of an investment fund in New York City. He has worked for Goldman Sachs, Schroders, and Citigroup/Smith Barney; he has been published in the Wall Street Journal and Barron’s; he has been a guest commentator on CNBC, Bloomberg News, and ABC News; and he has delivered lectures to various industry organizations, including the New York Mercantile Exchange, the Edison Electric Institute, and senior management meetings of major corporations.

Mr. Niles’s specialties are: government interference in markets, regulation, and deregulation.

Richard M. Salsman

Richard Salsman (BA, economics, Bowdoin College; MA, economics, New York University) is president of InterMarket Forecasting, Inc., an investment consulting firm. He was previously a senior economist at H.C. Wainwright Economics, Inc. and a banker at Citibank and the Bank of New York. He has authored two books, Gold and Liberty (1995) and Breaking the Banks: Central Banking Problems and Free Banking Solutions (1990); and several chapters on such topics as banking crises, profit theory, antitrust law, the Great Depression, and environmentalism. His work has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, The Economist, the New York Times, Investor's Business Daily, Barron’s, Forbes, The Intellectual Activist, and Capitalism Magazine.

Mr. Salsman’s specialties are: money, banking, and finance; the Federal Reserve and public finance; antitrust law; the Great Depression; capitalism; profit theory; health care; and environmentalism.

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