Questions about Jihad on Children

Here are the questions we all should be asking in regard to the jihad against the West and our children.

Craig Biddle May 28, 2017

Egoism, Benevolence, and Generosity

Although benevolence and generosity are not universally life-serving and thus are not moral virtues per se, they can be, and often are, profoundly selfish.

Craig Biddle May 21, 2017

Seven Great Poems on Independence

Poems on the theme of independence, by William Ernest Henley, Henry Lawson, Edgar Guest, Badger Clark, Ralph Chaplin, Dale Wimbrow, and Robert Burns.

Various Authors May 21, 2017

Nuggets of Note – May 3, 2017

Richard Salsman on President Trump’s first 100 days, Isaac Morehouse on work-life balance, Matheus Pacini’s Objetivismo Brasil, and more…

Craig Biddle May 3, 2017