Dianne Durante’s New Blog

TOS contributor Dianne Durante has started a new author’s blog for her forthcoming book, Outdoor Monuments of Manhattan. From her first post:

For the next two months (through February 2007) I plan to post a paragraph or two every day about one of the OMOM essays: what’s covered in [essay sections] “About the Sculpture” and “About the Subject,” why I chose those particular topics, what I found most surprising when doing the research, and/or what I most regretted deleting. Eventually (in March?) I’ll upload out-takes, bibliographical references, and intriguing snippets of research that never even made it into an early draft.

If you have enjoyed Mrs. Durante’s TOS articles, “Getting More Enjoyment from Art You Love” and “19th-Century French Painting and Philosophy,” or have an interest in representational sculpture, or simply appreciate good art analysis, the blog (which includes great photography) is well worth visiting.

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