Update on John Lewis’s Cancelled GMU Talk

Under pressure from those who oppose American self-defense (i.e., Islamists and/or their sympathizers), and on a technicality (i.e., the GMU Objectivist Club failed to file requisite paperwork), GMU has cancelled John Lewis’s talk “‘No Substitute for Victory’: The Defeat of Islamic Totalitarianism,” which was scheduled for tonight (Wed., Mar. 28). We are currently working to reschedule the event at GMU and will post updates here as we gather information.

Rest assured that—one way or another—this event will be held in the DC area. If GMU refuses to permit the expression of ideas in defense of America on its campus, we will hold the event elsewhere (perhaps at the National Press Club) and publicize GMU’s decision in conjunction with Dr. Lewis’s talk, which should draw significant press coverage. Stay tuned.

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