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Dear Subscribers and Friends of The Objective Standard,

The print edition of the Winter issue is at press and will be mailed shortly; the online version will be accessible to subscribers beginning December 20. For promotional purposes, we are making Lin Zinser and Paul Hsieh’s “Moral Health Care vs. ‘Universal Health Care’” available early and to all.

The contents of the Winter issue are:

From the Editor

Letters and Replies

Moral Health Care vs. “Universal Health Care”
by Lin Zinser and Paul Hsieh

Instrumentalism and the Disintegration of American Tort Law
by David Littel

“Gifts from Heaven”: The Meaning of the American Victory over Japan, 1945
by John David Lewis

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Enjoy the Winter issue and the holidays, and please continue spreading the word about the journal for people of reason.


Craig Biddle, Editor
The Objective Standard

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