Jim Demint’s “Retirement Freedom Act” is a Step in the Right Direction

Jim DeMint by Gage SkidmoreSen. Jim Demint (R-SC) has introduced the “Retirement Freedom Act,” a piece of legislation that would allow seniors to opt out of Medicare Part A while continuing to collect Social Security payments. As Demint’s press release states, “Currently, the Social Security Administration has handcuffed Social Security benefits to Medicare enrollment.”

These two programs have been unnecessarily tied together by unaccountable bureaucrats without the consent of the people or their elected officials. Today, if a senior can afford private insurance and chooses to not accept Medicare, they are forced to give up their Social Security benefits. This is not right and it must change.

Demint’s proposal is a step in the right direction, toward freedom, personal responsibility, and proper government. Kudos to him for introducing this bill.

HT: FreedomWorks.


Image: Wikimedia Commons


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