The Gift of Great Summer Reading—or Listening!

Sunbather“I’ve given many TOS gift subscriptions over the years, and my friends and relatives not only thank me, they often call to discuss the articles. By conveying ideas I value, these gifts help me develop closer, more intellectually fulfilling relationships with people I value. I profit as much as they do!”  —Jim A.

Do you have friends or family who might appreciate The Objective Standard? If so, summer is a great time to introduce them to the journal. Whether they are sunbathing, sailing, hiking, or traveling, they’re going to read or listen to something. Imagine how they’d profit if that something included articles from TOS.

Gift subscriptions start at just $29 and are available in Print, E-Book, Kindle, and Audio (mp3) editions. Go ahead: Enlighten your friends!

Three quick and easy ways to place gift orders:

  1. Order online by clicking here.
  2. Print and fax (or mail) our order form.
  3. Or call us toll free at 800-423-6151.

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