Philippines: The Aquino Government Coddles the Communists Again

President Benigno Aquino IIICommunist insurgents in the Philippines recently kidnapped a mayor and killed 4 soldiers. The Aquino administration reacted by telling the communist insurgents to stop the kidnappings and show “sincerity” in the “peace” talks underway between the Philippine government and communist insurgents. That is all the Aquino government did. Consequently, the “peace” talks will continue, and so will the communist atrocities.

The Aquino government’s passivity toward the communists is delivering the Filipino people to the hands of killers. No matter how many Filipinos the communists kill or kidnap, the Aquino government coddles the communists, and the communists, in turn, slaughter or kidnap more Filipinos in their ongoing effort to enslave the country.

What should President Aquino do? He should end the peace talks and kill or jail every communist involved in the insurgency.

Man-up, President Aquino. The Filipino people want life and liberty.


Image: Wikipedia Commons

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