Reality to Ron Paul: Iran Seeks to Kill Americans

Ron PaulIn the recent Fox News debate in Iowa, Ron Paul claimed that Iran should be unhindered in its quest to acquire nuclear weapons and then blamed any tension with the Iranians on the United States, adding that the United States should “Stay out of their internal business.”

If someone openly stated his intent to kill you, and then proceeded to look for a weapon, what would you do? This is exactly the situation with Iran. Iran is the most active state sponsor of terrorism, openly calls for “Death to America” and “Death to Israel” and is in the process of acquiring weapons that have the capability of killing millions of people.

Also, Iran has already killed Americans and Israelis.

For Islamists who wish to see a mushroom cloud in the United States or Israel, a Ron Paul presidency would be a dream come true.

Whatever virtue one might see in Ron Paul’s economic policy, his foreign policy utterly disqualifies him for the post of Commander in Chief.


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