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Democrats Further Entrench Rights-Violating Net Neutrality Regulations

Network_neutralityDemocrats have blocked an effort by Senate Republicans to stop the FCC from enforcing “net neutrality” regulations on the Internet. The regulations in question make it illegal for Internet providers to allocate bandwidth on their networks and equipment in accordance with their judgment and their customers’ needs. For example, if an Internet provider judges that a popular site, say, one that streams movies, requires a faster connection than a boutique selling esoteric gift items, net neutrality forbids the provider from allocating its own bandwidth accordingly. Similarly, if the provider wants to increase average speeds across its network by limiting the amount of bandwidth consumed by some customers who download, for instance, massive pirated movie files, net neutrality forbids it to do so—to the detriment of its service, its other customers, and ultimately its profits.

Net neutrality violates the rights of Internet providers to use their property as they see fit and thus curtails the very thing that has made the Internet such a revolutionary and life-serving technology: freedom. Americans who care about rights, freedom, and the fruits thereof must condemn net neutrality and demand its elimination.

For an in-depth analysis of this subject, see “Net Neutrality: Toward a Stupid Internet.


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