FDA Shuts Down Farm for… Selling Fresh Milk

Dairy_FarmThe Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has shut down an Amish farm for selling fresh, unpasteurized milk, the Washington Times reports. The FDA’s pretext for destroying the business is that fresh, unpasteurized milk is “unsafe.”

The fundamental issue here, however, is the inalienable right of farmers and their customers to act on their own judgement. It is not about the quality of the milk, but the FDA’s violation of this fundamental right. The Amish farm, Rainbow Acres, was voluntarily trading value for value with its customers who chose this milk specifically because it was fresh and unpasteurized. The customers obviously know the risks of drinking unpasteurized milk, and their right to act on their judgment includes the right to take such risks. Until the FDA showed up, no rights were being violated.

The government’s proper job is to protect people’s rights—not to prohibit people from exercising their judgement. The government should intervene only if rights are violated, for instance, if a company fraudulently misrepresents the nature of its product.

The FDA’s latest assault on innocent Americans is just one of many such assaults. Americans should stop tolerating this bureaucracy’s rights-violating, business-destroying practices, and demand that their representatives abolish the FDA.

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Image: Creative Commons by U.S. Department of Agriculture


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