My Interview with Cynthia Farahat, Now in Hebrew

Azrieli_Tower_and_FlagMy interview with Cynthia Farahat has been translated to Hebrew by Boaz Arad, a founder of the Israeli Freedom Movement, and founder and publisher of the Israeli magazine and website, Anochi. Boaz sent me a nice note saying, “I would like to tell you that the translation of your excellent TOS interview with Cyntia Farahat is a great beginning for a real Israeli-Egyptian cooperation for freedom.”

Among other things, Cynthia and Boaz are now working together with the aim of increasing the visibility of Ayn Rand and her ideas in the Middle East. Boaz ended his note, saying, “You see; we are changing the world!”

I wish these two champions of freedom nothing but the best.


Image: Creative Commons by Fipplet

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