Marxism “Begins with Theft and Ends with Murder,” Shows C. Bradley Thompson

Marxism is “good in theory but not in practice,” many claim. Or, it was “misapplied” by the murderous regimes that slaughtered some 100 million people, others say.

Neither claim is correct, argues historian C. Bradley Thompson in a recent talk delivered at the Foundation for Economic Education. Rather, Thompson shows,

Marxism is by definition totalitarian and genocidal by motive, design, practice, and result. The political goal of communism is to annihilate freedom in all realms of life, economic, social, and intellectual. By philosophical design, Marxism in power must always use force to achieve its ends. . . .

The Marxist moral ideal necessarily leads to censorship, secret police, reeducation camps, gulags, and genocide in practice. Its violent and bloody history is evident for all to see. . . . Marxism’s moral ideal is evil, absolutely evil. . . .

Marxism is the philosophy of malevolence and hate. It is from beginning to end a criminal activity. It begins with theft and it ends with murder.

In the process of undergirding this conclusion, Thompson reviews key passages from Marx’s writings, notes the bloody history of their implementation, and explains why American leftists continue to support Marxist ideology despite its logical and historical consequences.

Please listen to Thompson’s important talk and share it far and wide.

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