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A Time to Betray now Slated for the Screen

Variety reports that William Baldwin’s company, Beyond Comprehension, has purchased the screen rights to A Time to Betray, the autobiographical story of Reza Kahlili, who worked as a CIA agent in Iran’s Revolutionary Guards. Baldwin and producing partner Warren Kohler reportedly “will develop the project as a limited series or miniseries.”

As I wrote in my review of the book, A Time to Betray delivers “inside information about the ever-growing Iranian threat and the corresponding evasions of the U.S. government,” and it shows “a man of remarkable courage, the kind of man we desperately need more of today,” working to counter that threat.

If you’ve read the review, or Craig Biddle’s interview with Kahlili, or the book itself, you know how important Kahlili’s message is.

Whether Beyond Comprehension will adapt the story for screen competently remains to be seen. But A Time to Betray has a profoundly dramatic storyline, so the company already has that in its lap. And with the Iranian regime’s ongoing and escalating threats to Israel and the United States, this is certainly a good time to portray it.

Congratulations to Reza Kahlili, and may the quality of the screen version of his story match the quality of his remarkable book.

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