D’Souza-Bernstein Debate Details

The debate between Dinesh D’souza and Andrew Bernstein—on the question, “Christianity: Good or Bad for Mankind?”—takes place this Friday at 7:00 PM CST, in Hogg Auditorium, at University of Texas–Austin. Auditorium tickets and Livestream access can be purchased here. (Auditorium tickets are expected to sell out the night of the event, so please purchase them online in advance to ensure entry.)

Andrew Thornley (JD, Harvard; Lecturer on Business, Government, and Society at UT–Austin) will moderate the debate. The format will be as follows: Each speaker will have a fifteen-minute opening, then a fifteen-minute response, then a five-minute response. The moderator will then solicit questions from the audience, addressed to either or both speakers, for twenty minutes. Finally each speaker will have a two-minute closing.

This will be the first time a top Objectivist intellectual has debated a top Christian apologist, and the debate is structured to facilitate in-depth philosophical argument from both sides. Don’t miss it!

Purchase your auditorium or Livestream tickets today. Join the event on Facebook by clicking “Going.” And share the event with your Facebook friends—they’ll want to see this historic debate, too.

May the best argument win!

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