Sony’s Video Headsets Radically Improve Surgeons’ Ability to See Inside Patients

Sony has recently developed a “head-mount image processing unit” for surgeons that gives them real-time, high-definition video of the inside of a patient during surgery. Sony, a company that has long been a dominant player in the video game industry, created a “Personal 3D Viewer Head Mounted Display” for video games and movies in 2011. Soon after, it recognized the value in developing a similar product for the medical field.

Sony’s new headset receives and processes video from an endoscope, or small surgical camera, used in minimally invasive surgeries. Once the surgeon receives the enhanced video stream, he can manipulate the images by changing their display from 3D to 2D; by flipping the video to different display angles; or by turning on a “picture-in-picture” display, simultaneously providing the surgeon with two different views of the surgery.

Sony’s new device will help ease the job of surgeons who often must maintain maximum concentration for many hours. With a comfortable headset displaying images, surgeons will no longer need to focus on a computer screen displaying video from an endoscope. When a team of surgeons is needed for an operation, the surgeons wearing Sony’s headset will be able to alter their views of the surgery without having to reposition themselves.

Congratulations to Sony for producing and marketing this wonderful medical device that will help surgeons save many lives and restore innumerable people to health.

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Image: Sony

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