ObamaCare Surprises and Brother’s Keepers

I’ve already reported anecdotal accounts of insurance premiums going up under ObamaCare (see here and here). A recent study by the Heritage Foundation confirms that insurance hikes under ObamaCare are widespread, with average rates going up in at least 42 states. In a few states premiums are more than doubling.

The only surprise in any of this is that anyone is surprised about it.

A primary goal of ObamaCare is to force some people to subsidize the health care of others through increased insurance premiums. As examples, ObamaCare forces those who don’t use birth control to pay for the birth control of others; it forces those without adult children to pay for the health care of others’ adult children (up to age 26); and it forces people who are generally healthy (predominantly younger people) to subsidize people who are not.

Of course ObamaCare is raising health insurance premiums for many people—that is what it was designed to do, and that is why the American people supported the politicians that drafted and enacted the law.

Either we accept the idea that we are our brother’s keeper, or we don’t. If we do, this is what we get.

Americans can either challenge that premise or continue to be “surprised.”

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Creative Commons Image: Marc Nozell


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