WHO Wants Global Restrictions on Alcohol; Unsurprisingly, Offers No Justification

Happy friends drinking beer at counter in pub, chatting with femThe World Health Organization wants governments worldwide to regulate alcoholic beverages more heavily, as by “increasing taxes on alcohol, limiting its availability by raising age limits and regulating marketing,” Reuters reports. In other words, WHO wants governments to forcibly confiscate more of people’s wealth when they buy alcohol, to forcibly stop consenting adults from trading products voluntarily, and to forcibly stop alcohol producers from exercising their right to free speech by advertising their products in accordance with their judgment.

Why does WHO advocate such rights-violating policies? As Reuters reports, WHO is concerned that a minority of people who drink alcoholic beverages sometimes binge drink, and that poor people are more likely than others to binge drink or to harm their health by consuming alcohol. That is no justification for any government action—much less for violating the rights of those who consume alcoholic beverages responsibly.


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