Steve Simpson on Cronyism, Corruption, and Government Power

steve-simpsonMany people accept the idea that without government regulation of businesses, corruption and especially cronyism would abound.

What is “cronyism?” Is it a valid term? How has this idea, sometimes called “crony capitalism,” come into use? How does it influence debate? How should free market advocates view the issue of cronyism? Steve Simpson will examine these and related questions in a talk for the Hungry Minds Speaker Series on October 4 in Denver, CO.

Regarding the question, “Is there any truth to the claims that our government is corrupt and cronyism rampant?” Simpson says, “Yes, but not in the way that proponents of more government power claim.” His talk will explore the nature of government corruption and cronyism, how these manifest in various ways, their consequences in the marketplace and in peoples lives, and what to do about such problems.

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