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Thank You, Veterans

To all veterans who have defended Americans’ rights and liberties: Thank you.

Thank you for thinking with respect to the long-range requirements of human life and happiness.

Thank you for acknowledging, as the Founders did, that life without liberty is not worth living.

Thank you for honing and applying your skills in your various areas of expertise—whether flying helicopters or bombers, manning tanks or aircraft carriers, operating satellite or missile systems, maintaining military equipment, hacking enemy computers, interrogating enemy prisoners, assassinating enemy leaders, attending to wounded fellow soldiers, or coordinating such operations from a desk at the Pentagon.

Thank you for everything you have done toward destroying our murderous enemies and toward winning the necessary wars—even when certain administrations, such as those of G. W. Bush and Obama, have tied your hands with altruistic restrictions on how you can fight.

In short, thank you for applying your minds, developing your skills, and protecting Americans from those who have sought to harm us.

Were it not for you, courageous veterans, America and the liberties we enjoy today simply would not exist.

Thank you. Thank you, all.


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