The Rubin Report Addresses Free Speech via Panel at Harvard

The Rubin Report streamed live from Harvard University last night with a wide-ranging discussion about free speech in America. The panelists were Dave Rubin, host of The Rubin Report; Steve Simpson, director of legal studies at the Ayn Rand Institute; and Bret Weinstein, biology professor (formerly at Evergreen State College).

The ninety-minute video (below), which includes a half-hour Q&A, is worth watching in full for an indication of the extent to which free speech is under attack and for interesting perspectives on the matter. (I’ll address some of the complexities and conflicting ideas in a future article.)

Kudos to the Harvard College Open Campus Initiative, the Harvard Libertarian Club, the Ayn Rand Institute for hosting the event. And congratulations to Dave Rubin and his tireless team at The Rubin Report for their continued success in fostering open dialogue on this vital subject.

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