Announcing Craig Biddle Live

This Wednesday, November 1, 2017, I’ll begin a series of live videos hosted on The Objective Standard’s Facebook pageThe videos will be broadcast weekly at 7:30pm Eastern Time (4:30 Pacific), and I’ll aim to keep them in the neighborhood of twenty minutes.

In the first episode, I’ll discuss basic elements of the method of “thinking in principles,” which I use in analyzing and evaluating ideas, trends, institutions, and events. This initial video will provide a general framework for the series. Subsequent episodes will employ the method and flesh out its elements, as we examine a wide variety of subjects, from current events to cultural trends to ideas for advancing liberty and loving life.

If there’s an issue or question you’d like me to address along the way, let me know in the comment section below or in one of the video threads. I’ll move topics of greatest general interest toward the front of the queue.

Tune in this Wednesday—and let your friends know about the show!

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