TOS Writers Group on Facebook—Join the Fray

Interested in writing for TOS? Here’s a great way to dive in.

We’ve created a Facebook group for TOS writers and prospective writers. Anyone interested in producing content for the journal may ask to join.

The group is an informal gathering place for discussing ideas, Objectivism, current events, possible articles, research, writing, editing, collaborations. The emphasis here is: informal. The purpose of the group is to generate discussion and to help people get started on and follow through with writing projects.

Members can:

  • Communicate with like-minded people about possible articles, reviews, or interviews.
  • Share or access links to articles, videos, or books that might be worthy of commentary.
  • Pose questions about Objectivism or the proper application of philosophic principles.
  • Ask for help with research, writing, or editing.

Members of TOS Writers Group are expected to submit at least one short article per month for potential publication.

If you’d like to join, visit the page and click “Join Group.” You’ll be asked to answer a few questions and to forward a brief sample of your writing. If everything meets TOS’s standards, you’ll be added.

As someone once said, “Anyone who fights for the future, lives in it today.” Join the fray.

[UPDATED on 9/15/27 to include notice of the required writing sample.]

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