TOS’s New Website: Improvements Galore!

We’ve launched the new TOS website, with improvements to practically every aspect of the design and interface.

Before I get to the various improvements, however, I want to extend a huge thank-you to David Veksler, Ezra Drake, and Vlad Marchenko for their excellent work on this project. The site would not be what it is without their expertise, dedication, and hard work. Thank you, gentlemen!

Among the many improvements included in the new site, we’ve eliminated TOS Blog and recategorized “blog posts” as “articles.” So now, rather than TOS articles being split into two categories (blog posts and journal articles), all are categorized simply as articles. In conjunction with this change, our new article filter enables you to search among our 2000+ articles, reviews, and interviews by selecting “topic,” “author,” and/or “issue” to break down the material in various ways. Given TOS’s enormous and ever-growing body of work, this feature is a major boon.

Other improvements to the site include:

  • New navigation bars and menus, which have been streamlined for clarity and ease of use;
  • Enhanced mobile and tablet versions of the website, with a beautifully simplified and intuitive interface;
  • Various upgrades to the shopping cart system, checkout process, and subscriber account pages;
  • Higher-resolution images for more-enjoyable viewing on today’s superior monitors and mobile devices;
  • Superior fonts for greater readability and ease on the eyes—especially important with TOS’s long-form articles.

We’ve made myriad smaller improvements as well, all of which add up to an even better experience when navigating and using the site.

As with all new websites, wrinkles exist and will be ironed out over time. Also, a number of adjustments and additions could not be made until after the launch. So it’ll be a few weeks before we’ve achieved the Platonic Form of the Website. Even now, though, we think you’ll find the new site easier to use and more enjoyable than ever. (If you encounter a problem or glitch, please let us know and we’ll get right on it.)

With the bulk of the work on this new website behind us, TOS will increase its content production in the coming weeks. If you or someone you know would like to submit material for publication, please see our Writer’s Guidelines and join our new TOS Writers Group on Facebook.

I hope you enjoy the new website. And I appreciate your continued business and support.

To a future of reason and freedom!


Craig Biddle

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