The Most Powerfully Life-Enhancing Conference of the Year

You’re invited to The Objective Standard’s first annual summer conference: TOS-Con 2018!

The conference, themed Philosophy for Freedom and Flourishing, will be held at the Hilton Downtown in Richmond, Virginia, August 16–19.

Confirmed speakers (to date) include:

  • Robert Begley
  • Andrew Bernstein
  • Craig Biddle
  • Carrie-Ann Biondi
  • David Crawford
  • Alex Epstein
  • Derek Magill
  • Richard Salsman
  • Timothy Sandefur
  • David Veksler

There will also be an evening of piano, poetry, and song with the legendary Robin Field!

For additional information about speakers and the program, visit

And be sure to let your friends know about the event.

I hope to see you there! —Craig Biddle

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