TOS-Con 2018—Registration and Early-Bird Discounts

Registration is now open for TOS-Con 2018: Philosophy for Freedom and Flourishing—along with steeply discounted Early-Bird pricing.

The conference will be held in beautiful downtown Richmond, Virginia, August 16–19, and the program is jam-packed with practical ideas for advancing your life, defending individual rights, and flourishing into your future.

Speakers include master communicator Alex Epstein, economist Richard Salsman, business strategist Derek Magill, philosopher Carrie-Ann Biondi, and more.

Subjects range from the ideas of Aristotle and Ayn Rand, to those of Frederick Douglass and Jean-Baptiste Say, to the art of building a career around things you love, to strategies for achieving your financial goals early.

Evenings at TOS-Con will be filled with delights such as a Lindy Hop workshop, an original performance by the legendary Robin Field, and stimulating conversation, fun, and games with good friends, old and new.

Register now to take advantage of Early-Bird discounts!

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