Craig Biddle Live: The Morality of Sex for Pleasure, Fornication, and Experimentation

Contrary to religious and Kantian views on the matter, sex is a major, positive, physical and spiritual value—a value that people, whether married or not, should seek to understand and enjoy to the hilt.

Contrary to subjectivist and relativist views, sex involves psychological elements such that thoughtlessly “doing whatever you feel like doing” or treating sex as merely a physical activity is guaranteed to diminish or destroy the great pleasure that sex can and should be.

In this episode of Craig Biddle Live, I’ll discuss a rational view of sex—a view in which sex for pleasure, premarital sex, and all manner of consensual adult sexual experimentation are seen as good things. And I’ll say a few words about how to make your sex life profoundly pleasurable.

The episode will be broadcast live on TOS’s Facebook page this Wednesday, February 14—Valentine’s Day—beginning at 7:30pm EST (4:30 PST). Join the event here.

I hope you’ll join us for the show! —Craig

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