Morality as the Science of Human Flourishing

Tune in tonight, August 30, at 9 PM Eastern Time for a new episode of “Facts, Values, and Flourishing.”

Morality as the Science of Human Flourishing, will air on both TOS’s Facebook page and our YouTube channel.

In this episode, we’ll further consider the facts, integrations, and principles that make morality—that is, life-based, rational morality—an actual science.
We’ll elaborate on the causal nature of the world; integrate that fact with the nature, needs, and desires of human beings; and see why Ayn Rand summed up her ethics of rational egoism with the Spanish proverb, “God said, ‘Take what you want, and pay for it.’”
And we’ll look at the measurement aspect of rational egoism—the means by which we can scientifically calculate whether a choice or action is right or wrong, life-promoting or life-retarding.
The episode will be packed with powerful ideas. I hope you’ll join me!
Also, be sure to let your friends know about the series. Earlier episodes can be seen on Facebook and YouTube. —Craig Biddle
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