Will you join the 68 people who’ve contributed to TOS’s summer fundraiser?

Dear Friend of TOS,

I’m writing to follow up on my fundraising letter published on August 14.

In that letter, I highlighted The Objective Standard’s value-up approach, our fully-integrated archive, and the kind of feedback we receive both from people whose lives TOS has changed and from those who support our work on the trader principle.

Since I published that letter, 68 people have contributed a total of $22,000 toward our goal of $80,000 by the end of August. But we have a long way to go.

Rather than make this a lengthy post, I’ll just share a link to our revenues and expenses for 2018. Combined with my earlier letter, this will enable you to see the full picture—not only TOS’s illuminating articles, videos, and the profound effects they have on readers and viewers, but also our leanness and efficiency.

The Objective Standard fights for your values like no other organization on Earth. And we do so with a remarkably small budget.

Will you contribute to help us to continue our work and expand our efforts?

Donations of any amount are helpful, whether single contributions or recurring monthly donations. And if you’d like to discuss anything with me over the phone, just let me know. I’d be happy to schedule a call at your convenience. I love talking about TOS, our goals, and our plans. And I have an open-book policy about everything we do.

If you appreciate what TOS does—if you see the value in our clarity, our consistency, the way we move minds—please contribute as generously as you can today. In return, we will continue fighting for your values with everything we have.

Thank you for your support.





Craig Biddle, Editor

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