Summer 2020 • Vol. 15, No. 2

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From the Editor, Summer 2020

Welcome to the Summer 2020 issue of The Objective Standard. The issue has been published online, the ebook and audio versions will be posted by Tuesday, and the print edition will be mailed in the first week of June. You can subscribe or renew your subscription here. (Back issues can be purchased here.) I hope you and your loved ones are weathering the corona chaos as well as possible. This crisis has been made far more destructive by rights-violating laws, regulations, and interventions than it otherwise would have been. And I speak for everyone at TOS when I say that our hearts go out not only to the victims of COVID-19, but also to the countless victims of government coercion: those who have lost or will lose their jobs, businesses, hopes, and dreams because government forbade them to work; those who have suffered and died or will suffer and die because government forbade them to seek “nonessential” medical care (e.g., cancer screenings and organ transplants); those who have suffered or will suffer deaths of despair (e.g., suicides and overdoses) because government forbade them to leave their homes and engage with people who might have helped them;. . . Continue »

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Lockdowns Versus Living

Jon Hersey April 27, 2020 PDF

Whereas many (if not most) who get COVID-19 may never even know it, the same cannot be said of the government’s “cure.” Barred from taking the actions necessary to support their lives, many are now worse off than they would be taking their chances without lockdowns.