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Scientists—2, Worms—0

March 15, 2013

Need to diagnose an intestinal worm infection? Yeah, there’s an app for that. In fact, it’s the built-in camera app in the iPhone 4S! Dr. Isaac Bogoch, a physician specializing in infectious diseases at Toronto General Hospital, and his associates have managed to transform the iPhone 4S into a basic. . . Continue »

EBI Scientists Amazingly Develop DNA Data Storage

January 26, 2013

Nick Goldman, Ewan Birney, and their colleagues at the EMBL-European Bioinformatics Institute have, incredibly, developed a way to store data in synthetic DNA, the biochemical material that carries cellular genetic information. Most data storage mediums require a consistent electricity supply, and those that don’t often rapidly degrade. Goldman and his. . . Continue »

Glenn Reynolds: Home Schooling Will Increasingly Threaten Government Education

January 11, 2013

In a USA Today op-ed Tuesday, Glenn Reynolds, author of the popular blog Instapundit, reported that government schools are seeing ever higher competition from private and online schools and homeschooling. He writes: Americans across the country—but especially in large, urban school systems—are voting with their feet and abandoning traditional public. . . Continue »

Heroic Researchers Markedly Improve Thought-Controlled Prosthetics for the Severely Paralyzed

December 17, 2012

Jennifer Collinger, Andrew Schwartz, and other researchers at the University of Pittsburgh and the VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System have made spectacular progress in the treatment of severe paralysis by producing a new, highly advanced thought-controlled prosthetic arm. In a summary of their work published today in The Lancet, the research. . . Continue »

MedCottage: An “American Solution” for Eldercare

December 3, 2012

Ken Dupin is providing an innovative alternative for the millions of Americans who care for their aging parents. His product, the MedCottage, is a pre-fabricated, modular, and portable “three-room apartment equipped like a hospital room. There are safety rails, lighted floorboards, and a wall with a first-aid kit and defibrillator. . . Continue »