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“I read Ayn Rand’s fiction years ago and loved it, but I never thought her ideas applied to the real world. Last Christmas [a friend] gave me a subscription to TOS, and I can’t tell you how clarifying it has been. From privatizing education, to economics in Atlas Shrugged, to Ayn Rand’s theory of rights—it all just makes sense. Now I’m the one giving gift subscriptions. Thank you for this marvelous journal!” —Nicole B.

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New print issues of TOS are published and initially mailed in mid February, May, August, and November; new online, ebook, and audio versions are available by the 20th of these months. If you purchase a print subscription after the initial mailing of the current issue, your copy of the current issue should arrive within two to three weeks.

Subscriptions commence with the current issue. (If you prefer another arrangement, please email us.) New issues are published on the 15th of February, May, August, and November and remain the current issue until the publication of the next issue.

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