Summer 2007 • Vol. 2, No. 2

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From the Editor, Summer 2007

Welcome to the Summer issue of The Objective Standard. I find myself writing this brief note on Memorial Day, the holiday dedicated to remembering American soldiers who have lost their lives in defense of American interests (or the supposition thereof). This somber day is made all the more somber by the fact that Americans have learned so little from the wars in which so many Americans have died needlessly. Since each of the articles in this issue of TOS speaks (directly or indirectly) to the principles that Americans must grasp if we are to put an end to the needless deaths of Americans in general and American soldiers in particular, I dedicate this issue to the day when the life of one American—soldiers included—is regarded by our government as more valuable than the lives of all non-Americans combined. Here is a brief overview of the articles at hand. “The False Promise of Classical Education” by Lisa VanDamme examines the allure of classical education, considers both its religious and secular forms, and shows that—although its advocates claim it to be the solution to today’s educational wasteland—classical education only contributes to the crippling of children’s minds.. . . Continue »

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