Winter 2008 • Vol. 3, No. 4

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From the Editor, Winter 2008–2009

Merry Christmas dear readers! Here is a preview of the articles at hand: My essay, “Capitalism and the Moral High Ground,” concretizes the selfishness-enabling nature of capitalism and shows why this feature makes it the only moral social system on earth. “Reason or Faith: The Republican Alternative,” by John David Lewis, analyzes the resounding Republican defeat and shows that the party faces a fundamental decision that will determine whether it orchestrates a comeback or stumbles into further defeat. “Net Neutrality: Toward a Stupid Internet,” by Raymond C. Niles, focuses on the principle of property rights as it applies to the Internet in the face of increasing calls for government controls of this, as yet, relatively free market. “Bubble Boy: Alan Greenspan’s Rejection of Reason and Morality,” by Gus Van Horn, exposes Greenspan as anything but a principled capitalist whose free-market ideas somehow failed. “The Assault on Energy Producers,” by Brian P. Simpson, surveys various ways in which the government violates the rights of energy producers and thereby impedes our supply of energy and raises prices on everything in the marketplace. “Demystifying Newton: The Force Behind the Genius,” by Gena Gorlin,. . . Continue »

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