Winter 2009

Vol. 4, No. 4
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Pharmacide: The Pharmaceutical Industry’s Self-Destructive Effort to Loot America

Antitrust with a Vengeance: The Obama Administration’s Anti-Business Cudgel

What the “Affordable Health Care for America Act,” HR 3962, Actually Says

The California Coastal Commission: A Case Study in Governmental Assault on Property Rights

The Barbary Wars and Their Lesson for Combating Piracy Today

Objective Moral Values

Book Reviews

Review: Goddess of the Market, by Jennifer Burns

Review: Heaven and Earth, by Ian Plimer

Review: Red Hot Lies, by Christopher C. Horner

Review: Islamic Imperialism: A History, by Efraim Karsh

Review: The Israel Test, by George Gilder


From the Editor, Winter 2009–2010

Letters and Replies, Winter 2009–2010