Pharmacide: The Pharmaceutical Industry’s Self-Destructive Effort to Loot America

Cassandra Clark November 20, 2009 PDF

Provides an illuminating view of the pharmaceutical industry, showing that industry executives have advocated and continue to advocate rights-violating legislation through which the companies gain revenue taken coercively by the government from American taxpayers—and further showing that the pharmaceutical industry’s advocacy of such legislation is killing . . . the industry itself.


Antitrust with a Vengeance: The Obama Administration’s Anti-Business Cudgel

Eric Daniels November 20, 2009 PDF

Zeros in on the arbitrary, rights-violating nature of antitrust law; surveys the Obama administration’s efforts to bolster antitrust enforcement; considers the unprincipled arguments put forth by today’s most vocal opponents of antitrust; and calls for Americans to take a principled, rights-based stand—not only against the administration’s reinvigorated antitrust assault, but against antitrust law as such.

What the “Affordable Health Care for America Act,” HR 3962, Actually Says

John David Lewis November 20, 2009 PDF

Asks ten crucial questions regarding the proposed law; examines what the proposed legislation actually says with respect to these questions; and evaluates the bill accordingly, showing that, if passed, it would massively expand government power over the health-care industry, virtually eliminate the remnants of freedom left in this market, and thus increase the U.S. government’s violations of individual rights by orders of magnitude.

Objective Moral Values

Craig Biddle November 20, 2009 PDF

Zeros in on the nature of objective, life-serving values; demonstrates that man’s most fundamental value is his faculty of reason; and shows that both physical survival and spiritual health require keeping one’s thinking tied to reality (via reason) so that one’s ideas, values, actions, and emotions correspond to reality, too.

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