Fall 2010 • Vol. 5, No. 3

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From the Editor, Fall 2010

Welcome to the Fall 2010 issue of TOS—and a special welcome to our new Canadian readers who, with this issue, are discovering the Standard via newsstands in Canada’s largest bookstore chain, Chapters/Indigo. We are excited to add our northern neighbors to the list of countries we infiltrate with principled discussion of the moral and philosophical foundations of freedom. This issue of TOS kicks off with my article about the Ground Zero mosque, the spread of Islam in America, and how Americans and Westerners in general should deal with such efforts. Next up is a prescription for America’s health care ills, in which Stella Daily Zawistowski compares and contrasts the cost, quality, and accessibility of government-regulated, rights-violating medicine with that of free-market, rights-respecting medicine and finds, once again, that the moral is the practical. In my interview with John Allison, the banking-magnate-turned-college-professor discusses his and BB&T’s continuing efforts and successes in establishing pro-capitalism programs in American universities. Michael Dahlen then surveys the essential history of the British Industrial Revolution, showing that what made this period so remarkably productive was its substantial economic freedom,. . . Continue »

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