Fall 2012 • Vol. 7, No. 3

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From the Editor, Fall 2012

Welcome to the Fall 2012 issue of The Objective Standard. Let me begin by saying how delighted I am with Ifat Glassman’s beautiful portrait of Ayn Rand, which adorns the cover of this issue. Having seen Ms. Glassman’s work on her website (http://ifatart.com), I commissioned her to produce a drawing of Rand showing her intelligence, certitude, and benevolence. Although I expected the portrait to be good, it far surpasses my expectations. Thank you, Ifat; I will cherish this forever. In “Ayn Rand: America’s Comeback Philosopher,” I highlight the essential principles of Rand’s philosophy; compare them to the essentials of the predominant philosophies of the day, religion and subjectivism; relate each to the American ideal of individual rights and liberty; and show why, if America is to make a comeback, Americans must embrace Rand’s ideas. “Religion Versus Morality,” by Andrew Bernstein, surveys the history and tenets of religion and shows that religion, in every essential respect, is utterly at odds with the requirements of a rational, practical, life-serving morality. “The Role of Religion in the Scientific Revolution,” by Frederick Seiler, takes to task claims that religion was somehow responsible for the profound scientific advancements that animated the 16th and 17th centuries,. . . Continue »

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